“MARIDADI” Means anything beautiful, tasteful or pleasing to the eye in the Swahili language

Take home a of Africa

Maridadi Designs is the home of great gifts

Maridadi Designs creates and handcrafts unique decorative and functional pewter art pieces that are designed for us by Allen Hallett.

Allen is a renowned Southern African-based wildlife sculptor, applauded for his ability to capture the essence of each animal he sculpts. His work combines the majesty of African wildlife with pewter art, fusing them together in an explosive range of individually designed functional or decorative gifts.

Our small team of five people works hard to ensure that the Maridadi name is synonymous with design, detail and quality.

All Maridadi pewter products are spun-cast using lead free Britannia pewter and are hand finished by our talented craftsmen and women, making each products unique. Pewter is one of the world’s most precious metals after gold, silver, and platinum

If you want to buy one of our products for yourself or as a unique gift please